minikura is a cloud-based storage service that offers anyone storage space by the box.

All you need to do is fill the box and send it to us.

Leave the rest to minikura.

Each item is carefully photographed.

Our dedicated staff will photograph your items after we receive them.

Manage your items on a page set up just for you.

Discover new ways to expand your space by combining our boxes, home delivery and web services.

We offer dedicated warehouse for each user.

No need to worry about lack of space.



Up to 30 items can be photographed.
Manage your items on your user page.


Storage of boxes without photography service.
Manage your boxes on your user page.

¥12,000/Half a year

High quality cleaning combined
with a half-year of storage.

You cannot apply to use minikura if you do not have an address or point of contact in Japan.
At the present time, you cannot send to or from overseas.

Using the service

Pack your box

First, purchase a box on the web.
Once it arrives at your home, fill it with the items you wish to store.

Send the box back

Sign up on the web to have your box picked up.
Collection, of course, is provided free of charge.
You can also take your box to a convenience store or post office.

Safe, secure storage environment

As storage professionals, Warehouse TERRADA, provides a storage environment with strictly controlled temperature, humidity and security.
The first month's storage fees are free.

Manage your items on your user page

On your user page, you can manage the items you've stored by photo or as a list.
Remove items from storage from your user page, too. Take out an entire box and we'll send it free of charge*
*When storing items for at least one year.